How to conduct a customer or an expert interview

If you want to talk to a potential customer

  1. Find a couple of people who look like a potential user of your product and sit down with them for a cup of coffee.
  2. Ask them the following questions:
  • Their background and objectives (education, career, responsibilities, etc.)
  • The single biggest challenge they face and other problems
  • The last time they faced this problem
  • How does this problem impact their life (money, time the problem costs them)
  • How are they currently solving that problem
  • What are the problems with the current solution they have
  • Is there anything I did not ask that I should have

3. Report your findings and try to find a common pattern in what people are saying. (Hint: use Google Sheets).

If you want to talk to an expert

Experts are a great hack for getting feedback on your idea. They already know a lot about the market and its consumers. Try to find 1-3 of them and ask them for 20 minutes call. It’s even easier to do it remotely these days (try to use Linkedin to reach out πŸ˜‰ )

  • Describe your idea (problem/opportunity spotted - idea/solution in mind - market/segment you want to explore)
  • Listen and take notes. Do not reply or try to defend your idea, let the expert speak first
  • If you can record the interview, that is even better

Make sure you cover these topics:

  • Is it a real problem/opportunity? What evidence do they encounter in their practice?
  • Is the market ready for your idea? What is the proof?
  • Do they know other companies working on this problem?
  • What changes would they implement before launching this idea?