Validate the problem statement

Validate the problem statement

🤔 Questions to answer

  • What is the customer's journey?
  • How important is the problem to the customer?
  • How frequent is the problem?
  • Is the customer ready to pay to solve it?

🧭 What to expect

In this step, your goal is to get to know your customer better and learn about their problems, needs and beliefs. Again, as the customer is the one to buy your product, they are the only one to validate if the problem you want to solve actually exists. So go talk to them!

As a result, you will have a better understanding of how your customer sees the world. Most definitely, you will have to adjust your problem statement, your segment or your approach based on the feedback: maybe it is not a problem at all, maybe it is not serious enough for your customer to pay for a solution or maybe there is a bigger problem that you did not know about.

👣 Steps to take

There are different ways to validate your problem statement: surveys, focus groups, interviews etc. We recommend starting with interviews to get to know your customer better and get quick face-to-face (or Zoom 😉) feedback.

Before you start interviewing, learn how to ask the right questions and get valuable feedback from your customers (resources ⬇️).

  1. Conduct customer interviews (10-20 interviews)
  2. Conduct experts interviews
  3. Report and systemize the insights you get

⚒ Useful resources


How to conduct a customer or an expert interview
How to report a customer interview

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