Recognize your assumptions

Recognize your assumptions

🤔 Questions to answer

  • Which aspects of my idea lack sufficient proof?
  • Which assumptions are critical to my idea, therefore need to be validated?
  • How am I going to test my assumptions?

🧭 What to expect

This step is so important: everything that you did before was based on your experience, thoughts and ideas. But none of it is 100% true yet. Why? Because it's all based on YOUR experience, thoughts and ideas. Now it's time to check if all your assumptions are also true for your potential customers. Get out of your comfort zone and test it with people outside of your immediate circle.

As a result, you will have a list of hypotheses that you need to test in the next steps to make sure you are going in the right direction. You will also have a plan on how to test them with a clear strategy and metrics of success to identify if you were right or wrong.

👣 Steps to take

  1. Make a list of all assumptions you made in previous steps
  2. Rank your assumptions: "known" vs. "unknown" and "high impact" vs. "low impact"
  3. Make a plan to test the assumptions you have

⚒ Useful resources


Riskiest Assumption Canvas
Test card by Strategyzer


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