Make the first draft of your business model

Make the first draft of your business model

🧭 What to expect

In this step, you will use all the insights you got so far to create the first draft of your business model. It might not be complete from the beginning, but you will get there eventually, don't worry. Now, focus on the most important parts: the problems, the customers and the revenue streams - that will help you understand how to monetize your idea.

Filling in the Lean Canvas helps to understand what is your solution. It helps you visualize your business model in one document.

As a result, you will have the first rough version of your business model on paper. Use the filled in canvas to gather feedback from your friends. You should come back and update the canvas with new insights once you have them.

Get your canvas from Lean Stack or just find a white board 😉

Lean Canvas
Lean Canvas by Ash Maurya is licensed under CC BY SA 4.0

🤔 Questions to answer

  • What are the top three problems that I am solving for the customer?
  • Who is my target customer & user group?
  • What is my single, clear, compelling message that states why my solution is different and worth paying attention to?
  • What is my solution to each of the problems identified?
  • How do intend to interact with the customer? Which channels will I use?
  • What are the expected revenue streams?
  • What are the expected fixed and variable costs?
  • How do I measure the success of my business?
  • What is something that cannot be easily be bought or copied?

👣 Steps to take (suggested order to fill in the canvas)

  1. Problem (from the step 4)
  2. Customer Segment (from the step 2)
  3. Unique Value Proposition
  4. Your solution
  5. Channels
  6. Revenue Streams
  7. Cost Structures
  8. Key Metrics
  9. Unfair Advantage

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