Create the first prototype

Create the first prototype

🤔 Questions to answer

  • How am I going to solve the problem?
  • What is the minimal product I can offer to our customers?
  • What are the necessary parts of my product without which I won't be able to sell it?

🧭 What to expect

This step brings you even closer to making it big: you will build something today. Well, maybe not today, but here you will build the first version of your product - something that solves the problem you have validated before. All you need is to identify the must-haves of your prototype - the essential parts without which your product won't work and sell and then, build it.

As a result, you will have the first version of your product that you will have to test later with your customers to improve and find the best way to solve your problem.

7 golden rules of prototyping

  1. Obey the law of market failure
  2. Make sure you are building the right IT, before you build it RIGHT
  3. Don't get lost in thought land
  4. Trust only in your data
  5. Prototype it
  6. Say it with numbers (use "XYZ hypothesis: X% of Y will Z" to gather the insights properly)
  7. Think global, test local

👣 Steps to take

  1. Isolate the key assumptions, personas and results from previous stages (use Design Criteria and Prototype canvases to guide you)
  2. Choose a type of prototype
  3. Make a market engagement hypothesis (use the test card)
  4. Build the first prototype

Useful resources


Design Criteria Canvas
Prototype Canvas
Prototype types
Test card by Strategyzer
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