Startup Toolkit

Startup Toolkit


This Toolkit will help you validate your idea, find your problem-solution fit and make it launch-ready πŸš€ You will find here relevant canvases, articles, links, and more to guide you through the process of building the next big thing.

It should take you approximately 2 weeks to complete all the steps mentioned here. By the end of the process, you should have a clear understanding of your problem statement, your solution and your customer.

Questions to answer

  1. What problem am I solving?
  2. Who am I solving the problem for?
  3. Have I validated the problem?
  4. Have I validated the solution?

How to use

  • Take 1 step at a time and use the resources mentioned in each step.
  • Each step has more details inside to navigate you through the process.

Steps to take

Formulate your initial idea
Define your customer
Find existing solutions
Recognize your assumptions
Validate the problem statement
Make the first draft of your business model
Create the first prototype
Validate your prototype
Analyze the learnings

Want to know more?

Contact us via to learn how to use these templates, get more resources and launch your idea into space πŸš€